About Us
Site Selection & Economic Development Services
About Legation Street LLC.

If your business is looking to expand, we can help. Legation Street LLC is the premier
site selection firm serving the Southeast United States.

We assist corporate, institutional and government clients in applying real estate and
economic development strategies such as relocation, expansion/consolidation
initiatives, workforce development & incentive negotiation.

While acting as your partner, we will help you think through the range of issues
associated with your needs and build related real estate and economic development
strategies to complement your company’s goals, both short and long term.  Legation
Street will apply its site selection and economic development expertise for your
business including:
Location Assessments - Labor Analysis - Business Attraction - Property Re-Use
                     Build to Suit - Land Feasibility -  Portfolio Optimization

Our approach is simple…Local governments seek business expansion and relocation
to improve the economy by creating jobs and economic growth.  Business owners such
as yourself are seeking the best location based on infrastructure, quality of life,
affordable real estate and numerous other local issues.  Legation Street will find the
right location, bring business and government together and close the transaction.  With
over 19 years’ experience, Legation Street is dedicated to providing exceptional
guidance for business relocation and expansion. Our expertise is applied to each and
every client.

Legations Street will provide a single point of contact to address all your expansion &
relocation issues. Please feel free to contact  via email or phone to learn how we can
Thomas Gola